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I just wanted to thank you for a GREAT class this past weekend. One things that I appreciated about the class is that about 80% of the class is dedicated to NOT having to use your firearm at all. Several of the techniques you taught us in your class do not even involve a firearm at all.
Ben, Hewitt TX
(continued ...)

Just wanted to thank you for making the CHL Class a great time, better than any other ones I attended through the years. You have given me a new sense of appreciation for my pistols other than what they are intended for. SSG Scott P. Killeen TX(continued ...)
One part was unexpected and may, in the long run be the most valuable. You spent a lot of time
on ways to avoid ever having to use a gun. For that I am particularly grateful. John, Killeen TX(continued ...)

Thank you again. I enjoyed the class. My sister and I would take classes for fun and to learn more about safety. I pray I never have to use what I have learned but thankful to be prepared. Laural, Temple TX(continued ...)
Thanks for a great class and for making it even more accessible for educators. Daniel, Waco TX(continued ...)
I was so scared, because I have never shot a gun before, but y'all took that fear away and made me feel comfortable with it. Stefanie, Killeen TX(continued ...)
thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge and expertise; And for making a straight ten hour class such a fun and knowledgeable experience. Ron, Morgan's Point Resort TX(continued ...)
You really care about your profession and the people that you work with, and I for one appreciate that. Robert, Waco TX(continued ...)
If you ever wonder how effective you are at preparing your students for the responsibility of carrying a handgun, take it from this little old school marm----you do a great job! Mary, Temple TX(continued ...)
you kept the class fun and entertaining and still put out the information in a timely manner you are a great instructor and an overall good guy I will be getting my hunters education from you when the time comes and sending anyone and everyone... Justin, Waco TX(continued ...)
Thanks for the professional instruction and personal attention you provided to us students.
If you remember the afternoon on the range was a miserable rainy day. As a combat veteran I had fired in the rain, but the arthritis took over my hands and back causing me to have problems loading my mags. Thanks to you for helping out the old guy. Jerry, Temple TX(continued ...)

After all the classes I have attended in weapon use, I can say that yours was certainly one of the very best. Actually, the discussions and range made the time fly...With the humor mixed into a most serious topic as handguns, you made the class interesting and beneficial to beginners, as well as those who have been around weapons for their adult lives. Jack, Ft Worth TX(continued ...)
Your defensive handgun training course was one of the best investments I've ever made. Your training has taught me to be more comfortable knowing I will know what to do when the turds attack. The techniques I learned will stay with me forever and possibly save mine or my families life. Derek, Hewitt TX(continued ...)
Ten hours could have been an eternity on a Sunday but Johnny Price keeps everything moving. I could tell he puts his heart and soul into making this class not just informative but entertaining. Johnny is extremely professional, helpful and patient. He paid special attention to making sure each of us were comfortable with our weapons at the range and helped us make adjustments as needed. David, Waco TX(continued ...)
thank you for the class and thanks for allowing me to exercise my 2nd Amendment right to bear arms for mine and my family's protection. Ronald(continued ...)
Thank you for the class. Besides learning a lot, it was fun as well. I will definitely steer anyone I know looking to get their CHL your way. Bob, Waco, TX(continued ...)
I would recommend your training to anyone interested in learning how to protect himself and his family. I was delighted to learn I could be licensed to "carry" as an out-of-state resident... Bob Mustang,Oklahoma(continued ...)
I just wanted to thank you for your time and instruction for today's course. You cleared up a lot of grey areas and I feel better about owning a firearm and now know what it takes to stay within the law as a CHL License holder. Pete, Waco TX(continued ...)
My wife and I both took Johnny's course and loved it.  The Big Iron staff is very knowledgeable and patient.(continued ...)


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